Harriet Strong

Harriet Strong


Title: Harriet Strong


The People Behind the Patents.


With every passing year we are provided with new gadgets to alleviate the problems of our busy lives, yet few of us stop to consider that behind every new gadget is an individual who has confronted a problem and originated a solution. This series of prints is a tribute to those innovative and ingenious people who have shaped the modern world.


As the owner of an estate in Southern California, Harriet Strong managed and developed the land while studying farming methods, horticulture, and water control. In 1887, Strong patented her invention of a system of dams and reservoirs for water storage and flood control. Following her death her pioneering work was applied to the building of the Hoover Dam.

Technique: Digital print on archival pigment and paper

Dimensions: Print size is 150x150mm loose fitted to a 200x200mm mount.